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PainExam US Guided Ganglion Impar Block: Coccygodynia, Pelvic & Perineal Pain: David Rosenblum, MD

PainExam Podcast- Dr. Rosenblum Introduces the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association

David Rosenblum, MD, Creator of PainExam Podcast and Medical Education , who Practices Pain Management in Long Island and Brooklyn Interviews Jim ...

Ultrasound Guided Genicular Nerve Block- PainExam Ultrasound Training

David Rosenblum, MD, Director of Pain Management at Maimoinides Medical Center, pioneer in Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management, ...

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David Rosenblum, MD, host of the the PainExam Podcast, with co-host Gary Schwartz, MD and Editor Baruch Kim, DO ( brings board review, practice management, editorials and more to the most popular pain managment podcast. Dr. Rosenblum is the creator of, as well as for the Basic and Applied Exams in Anesthesiology. AnesthesiaExam and the Pediatric Anesthesia Board review ( discusses Anesthesiology Board review and Practice Management. Dr. Rosenblum has also published a children’s book: Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas: Preparing your child and yourself for anesthesia and surgery.

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The Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association


Is Local Anesthetic in Cervical Epidurals Beneficial?

Is Local Anesthetic in Cervical Epidurals Beneficial?

Autism and Labor Epidurals?

Autism and Labor Epidurals?