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The Ultrasound Guided Superior Cluneal Nerve Block- Subscribe to PainExam or VPF for the Full Video

David Rosenblum, MD dIscusses the Cluneal Nerves Innervation, and pathophysiology of Cluneal Neuralgia, while he demonstrates how to perform a ...

PainExam Videocast- Nerve Entrapment Keywords for the Pain Boards

Dr. Rosenblum reviews commonly tested keywords for the Pain Management Board exams and discusses his upcoming webinar with SPRINT on peripheral ...

PainExam Podcast: Interview with Tae Kim, Acupuncturist: Pain, Immune Optimization, Herbs and Qui

Dr. Rosenblum asks a local acupuncturist about his experience treating pain and about Chinese herbs that may be beneficial in viral infections such as the ...

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The Ramp Up- Pivoting your Pain Practice

Dr. Rosenblum discusses his plan to help his patients obtain access, maintain and grow his practice in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Coming Soon…

Lynn Kohan, MD- ASIPP, ASRA, COVID-19 and more

Dr. Rosenblum discusses COVID-19 and its impact on Pain Management training programs with Lynn Kohan, MD- University of Virginia Pain Fellowship Director

Trigger Finger and DeQuervaine's Syndrome- VPF

Dr. Rosenblum discusses his collaboration with ASIPP, and mentions his upcoming Regenerative Spine Course, Trigger finger, DeQuervaine's Syndrome and has started conducting Priv