PainExam Announces Migration to New CME Course Management Platform

PainExam Announces Migration to New CME Course Management Platform

Hello loyal customers-

painexam-logo-newPainExam is pleased to announce the migration of all courses to our new entity, NRAP Academy. All current customers will still be able to access their courses, lectures, quizzes and certificates from with the same login credentials; after we complete the migration in a few days time…

We will do our best to keep the site running for as long as reasonably possible. As such, it is advised that if you need to finish up any course work or download any certificates, to please do so as soon as possible as we would like to finalize our platform transition as soon as we can. We are aiming to keep the site up for no more than 3-6 months.

The new PainExam site will still continue run and operate as a free resource to the anesthesiology, pain medicine, PMR, advanced practice providers, ER medicine, and related medical specialties; linking back to our actual courses on our new and improved platform –

Please Note: Migration of data from our old platform will be limited. We will more than likely not be able to migrate course, quiz, lecture progress from current customers. It is advised that all customers kindly complete their courses ASAP to make the transition for all of us smooth and seamless.

We will soon migrate all of our customers’ info over to our new platform and send out a mass email to confirm the new account. These new accounts will allow our customers to purchase any new PainExam courses, webinars, in person training directly from our the new platform.

“If your membership is set to expire in less than 6 months, continue to use the old site. If you purchased a 12 month subscription and wish to continue your board prep on the new site, please email us for access. Please keep in mind that the old Painexam’s progress towards CME will not transfer to the new site. We anticipate this being a more user friendly experience. Thank you!”, David Rosenblum M.D.