PainExam Launches Medical Affiliate Program

PainExam Launches New Medical Referral Affiliate Program for Doctors, Medical Professionals, and Medical Publications.

PainExam, a prestigious CME credentialed multi-board review service, launches referral affiliate program specifically catered to multiple medical and healthcare professionals and publications. offers an innovative Online Pain Management Board Review Dashboard for the ABA, ABPM, ASIPP and WIP FIPP MOCA and primary certification in pain management. PainExam’s main pain board review course is worth 40 CME credits available for participation, with additional current keyword list reviews and lectures offered as additional CME rated courses. PainExam also radiology and medical imaging CME courses for pain practitioners, regenerative medicine spine courses CME courses, and multiple types of advanced ultrasound guided interventional pain and regional anesthesia training CME courses as well and live webinar replays for emergency medicine, anesthesiology, PMR, and interventional pain management professionals.

Additionally, PainExam also offers multiple types of live MSK/POCUS ultrasound guided training workshops in the following formats- live ultrasound training workshop webinar events, live in-person ultrasound CME training workshops, and exclusive 1 on 1 in person private training sessions. Along with all of PainExam’s exclusive CME rated courses and live CME training workshop events, there are also non-CME courses available that are also exclusive only to the PainExam platform, and related medical professions.

PainExam’s exclusive advanced CME Courses, ultrasound CME workshops, and live ultrasound training events are perfect for pain doctors, interventional pain specialists, Anesthesiology/anesthesiologists, internal medicine, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, physical medicine and rehab(PMR), physical therapy, physiatry, radiology, medical imaging, and more are all available for affiliate promotion.

Almost all of the CME courses, memberships, and events, along with non-CME courses and memberships are available to promote through PainExams new medical affiliate referral program for a “healthy” 20% commission. PainExam’s exclusive affiliate program for doctors and medical professionals also provides a special VIP program for “super affiliates” or high performing earners. PainExam provides all affiliates with standard affiliate referral tracking links, affiliate marketing creatives, and an easy to use affiliate reporting dashboard. As PainExam provides CME courses and training to medical professionals, specialists, nurses, PAs and doctors- the affiliate program is in most cases, only available to verified medical professionals, sources, networks, and publications and in compliance with the CME Committee which supports the activity.

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Online Pain Management Board Review for the ABA, ABPM, ASIPP and WIP FIPP MOCA and primary certification in pain management. 40 CME credits available for participation.