NRAP Academy: Regenerative Pain Medicine Training

An Introduction to Safe, Ethical, and Evidence Based Interventional Regenerative Pain Medicine

On January 28 we put on our first independent regenerative pain medicine course in New York City.  Our instructor, Dr. Rosenblum focused on the various biologics used in regenerative medicine to treat painful disorders. The course covered the evidence, lack of evidence, avoidance and practical day to day application of:

  • Platelet rich plasma
  • Bone marrow concentrate (BMAC)
  • Amniotic fluid products
  • Exosomes
  • Wharton’s jelly
  • Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Additionally, we reviewed legal and regulatory issues as well as the FDA stance on Biologics and Regenerative Medicine therapies.

The CME regenerative pain medicine workshop focused  the application of platelet rich plasma for common orthopedic problems, such as rotator cuff tears, plantar, fasciitis, and osteoarthritis of the knee, and spine pain (discogenic, radicular, facetogenic, & sacroiliac joint). After extensive didactic session with ultrasound, images of various soft tissue and tendon injections, we reviewed spine biologics. we covered balanced evidence which supports and the negates the use of Biologics in current modern day pain medicine. We reviewed ASIPP’s
guidelines on Biologics for degenerative spine conditions.

At the end of the course, we took a sample of blood and processed platelet rich therapy for an  live injection into the knee and hands under ultrasound guidance.

Our next course is May 13, 2023. We hope to see you there!

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