Autism and Labor Epidurals?

Autism and Labor Epidulars

Autism and Labor Epidurals?

Dr. Rosenblum discusses JAMA’s October 2020 article that suggests an association between Labor Epidural and the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Speaking of Labor Analgesia… Learn TAP Blocks, Ilioinguianl Block and more!

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New Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management & Regional Anesthesia 4 CME Webinar Event by PainExam, Set for Dec. 6th, 2020


Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Virtual Training on Nerve Blocks, Soft Tissue Injections, Spine, etc.
-Upper extremity (Brachial Plexus, Axillary, Suprascapular, Radial, Ulna, Median)
-Lower Extremity (Femoral, Sciatic, Popliteal, Genicular, IPACK, Ankle)
-Soft Tissue and Joint (Knee & Shoulder)
-Peripheral Nerve Block (Occipital, TAP, Ilioinguinal, Intercostal Paravertebral
-Spine (Sacroiliac, Caudal, Cervical Selective Nerve Root, Medial Branch)

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