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How do I claim CME Credits for my Pain Management Board Review?

To be eligible for the full 40 CME credits, you must have a CME subscription, complete the quizzes with a score of at least 50% (can take as many times as you want- until membership expires).

How do I listen to the Pain Management Lectures?

Users can listen to the pain lectures after subscribing for a membership.

Purchasing a PainExam CME subscription and attesting to the listening all of the content will make you eligible for full CME Credit. You will also need to do the CME quiz.

Does this review cover material for the ABPMR, ABPM and ABA exams in pain managment?

Yes, questions are based on recently asked keywords, and the syllabus found on the American Academy of Pain Management and American Board of Anesthesiology’s websites

Is the PainExam Podcast different from the lectures?

For the most part, the content is the same. The Premium Podcasts (which require a subscription via the PainExam App) are offered for free (once the survey is completed) on the PainExam website Are the questions recent? Yes, we are constantly updating, editing and adding new questions, removing old questions from the website Do the questions have explanations? Yes, all of our questions have explanations as well as references

How do I get access to the Pain Management Webinar?

After your purchase, you should receive an email with a webinar link. If you do not, please email our  support above and we will send you the link.